Everything You Need to Know About Velvet Fabric

by Jerry

Velvet is a unique, soft, and sleek fabric that gives the most luxurious look than any other fabric in the world. Velvet fabric can be made from natural, synthetic, or a combination of these fibers. Velvet fabric is made out of silk, a costly material.

Therefore, over the last, probably 60 years, lots of fabrics are now made from synthetic or semi-synthetic fibers like rayon, nylon, spandex, polyester, or viscose. Today, velvet is used as upholstery fabric in high-end furniture covering expensive designer clothing.

Origin of Velvet

From the beginning, velvet was used as a symbol of prestige and power, and it was often that associated velvet with royalty in the renaissance period. The first velvet was made from silk in 786 A.D.

In the initial era of velvet, silk was often incorporated, and other precious metal threads were often used to create clothing for kings, queens, and other church members. However, by the time the concept of luxurious velvet starts diverting towards more affordable options; the synthetic and semi-synthetic velvet.

Today, we have a range of velvet types in solid colors that are approachable to everyone. Even though other materials replace the natural velveterials, still its price is much higher than other fabrics.

How is Velvet Fabric Made?

Stepping forward from the pure silk velvet, it’s now made from polyester, nylon, rayon, and other materials.

Velvet is woven on a special loom with two layers of thicknesses simultaneously.

The weaving pattern of the two layers contains one constant pattern and the other two that connect the top and bottom layers. This forms double thicknesses on each layer.

Once woven simultaneously for both layers, a knife glides through the middle, cutting them into two pieces. This causes the fabric to become smoother and softer when these two pieces are separated as individual fabrics get wound up separately.

Types of Velvet

Velvet has many different types that are used in d├ęcor and apparel. Here we will talk about all the available velvet types.

Micro Velvet

Micro fabric is made from fine polyester fibers, which make it durable and non-stretchable. The micro velvet comes in different qualities and weight ranges and is crush-resistant.

Micro velvet is ideal for apparel, curtains, and other decoration applications.

Stretch Velvet

Opposite micro velvet, stretch velvet is 25% stretchable. It is made from spandex, which is a little shinier than polyester. This type is generally used in costume and cloth designing.

Crushed Stretch Velvet

Crushed stretch velvet is usually made from a blend of linen and silk. This type is so stretchy and crushed that you can quickly get irregular patterns by pressing and stretching them in different directions.

Panne Velvet

It is also crushed velvet, but the pile is flattened in one direction. Unlike others, it has a knit back instead of woven, so it’s also stretchy, but side to side and not up and down. It’s the lightest type of all.


Velveteen is similar to velvet but has a shorter pile that doesn’t drape easily and has less shine. This type is usually made from a combination of cotton and silk. This type is mainly used as bed sheets, garments, and curtains.


These are not the only types of velvet fabric. Alibaba brings all the other innovative velvet fabric types that will surely be in your range. So, if you are looking for a never-ending velvet collection in different colors and designs, nothing is better than Alibaba to shop.

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