About Togo Couch You Need To Know

by Jerry

Togo couch, which is popularly referred to as Togo Sofa, was uniquely conceived by Michael Ducaroy in 1973 for Ligne Roset. This piece of iconic furniture, with its unique design, is hand-sewn and it’s guaranteed to provide great comfort for its user. One of the major noticeable features is its absence of a base.

What is it made of?

This sunken-looking couch with a ruffled and curved profile is designed with 3 layers of polyurethane and polyester foam. These are arranged together to give it its unique form. The Togo Sofa is the first to be made completely of polyurethane foam. It is tailored in a crumpled manner which gives the Togo its signature fold.

The Alcantara fabric is the most used choice of fabric which offers excellent stain resistance while also offering a suede-like feeling that speaks grandeur. As a substitute, the Toga couch can be made using the Courdue fabric, a hide finish and the vintage Diva Hide. There is also a host of selections to pick from while choosing the perfect fabric for your togo couch.

Togo couch comes in various sizes and shapes. It should be noted that these designs vary in prices based on the choice of fabric.

The upholstery process involved in the production of this couch takes about 4 hours for fabric covers and roughly 6 hours for the leather process. These couches are readily available in multiple colours and can be cleaned and well maintained by gentle vacuuming and daily dusting.

What is Your Budget?

Due to its unique and exquisite nature, an original Togo couch is unapologetically expensive. With the quality, comfort and sleek design you get from this product, it’s safe to say it is worth the price. A lot of replicas are now made available by different companies owing to the high cost of an authentic Togo couch. So if you’re planning on getting one, be sure to check the authenticity before purchase.

How to Identify an Original Togo Couch

Knowing if your Togo is real or fake isn’t a hard process. Here’s what you should know about an authentic Togo couch:

  • Ligne Roset is a French company and all its Togo products are made in France.
  • There are 3 different densities of polyether foam which are divided into 7 different pieces. The Sofa is made up only of foam and with polyester sewing.
  • An invisible ink is used to guide stitching during production and using a UV light on the inner fabric will spot it.


Are you in search of a sofa that gives class, elegance and a cozy feeling? This Brain-child of Michael Ducaroy has got you covered. With over 1.2 million Togos made available worldwide, the Togo Couch has become extremely popular in recent times. They have a unique way of brightening up the look of any space, and they’re the right match for anyone looking to make a statement with their furniture.

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